Sunday, January 20, 2013

Skip fusing animation

Fusing is part of the must do thing in Ayakashi Ghost Guild, as it help to increase your daemon level and skill ability.

But it can really be a chore fusing the daemons. Its ok to watch the fusing animation a couple of time initally BUT not everytime especially when you got lots of feeder daemons in your daemons deck.

I went thru the pain of watching the animation for at least 20-30 levels imagine the amount of time wasted arghhh each fusing animation probably takes at least 2 minutes.

Thus for the benefit of new players and existing players who have yet to know there's a way to skip it !!

How to skip fusing animation :
1) when fusing daemon, upon confirming the daemons to fuse and you click "fuse", animation will start
2) To skip the animation,  press the "fuse" button under the menu and it will jump back to the fusing menu.

I will probably do a video on this soon.

PS: do share with your friends if you find it useful.

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