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What is Transmigrate ?

In the game of Ayakashi Ghost Guild , some of the daemon you come across have the ability to "Transmigrate". One of the first few are Phantom type daemon - "Lilith" which can be achieve once you collect all 6 Lilith Sealstone and Anima type daemon - "Barbetta"

It's like a evolution for the daemon. Certain daemon cards have the transmigrate ability - once you hit the required level, you can transmigrate the daemon into more powerful version usually raise in rarity ie from 2 star to 3 star, 3 star to 4 star etc.

How Transmigration happen ?
When your daemon reached the transmigration level, you will be prompt to click the "transmigrate" button to transmigrate the daemon into a better class usually, rarity increase and change of skill name.

Some daemon can can transmigrate a few stages : Original Form, Second Form and Ultimate Form.
  1. Collect Daemon with Transmigrate Ability.
  2. Level up your Daemon to the required level usually max level base on it's rarity. ie Lady Suzuka 3 star which max level is 50.
  3. Transmigration prompt, click transmigrate.
  4. Wait for your Daemon to transmigrate into a more powerful version ! Evolution
Example for "Lilith", Phantom type 2 star daemon will transmigrate when it reached level 17. From Original Form to Ultimate Form.

*Other daemon which can transmigrate may need to hit their max level first before you can transmigrate them.

*Note when daemon transmigrated, it's level and skill level will reset at level 1.

List of daemon that have transmigrate ability :

  1. Lilith - Transmigrates at level 16
  2. Barbetta - Transmigrates at level 8
  3. Goddess of Poverty - Transmigrates at level 16
  4. Goddess of Misfortune - Transmigrates at level 16
  5. Lady Suzuka
  6. Nyx
  7. Hemera
  8. Yoshitsune
  9. Ranmaru Mori
  10. Valkyrie
  11. Yukimura Sanada
  12. Demon Motochika
  13. Lancelot
  14. Ifrit
  15. Ancient Elf
  16. Otsuyu
  17. Medea
  18. Venus
  19. Titania
  20. Melusine
  21. Agatha
  22. Yottie
  23. Stella
  24. Jane Saw
  25. Kyu
  26. Arondight
  27. Kal

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