Monday, December 3, 2012

Free Gold Coins

"Gold Coins" can be use in game to
1) Purchase shop items aka cash items.
2) Rare Summon

If you just started out on this game, there's a couple of 2 way for you to get free Gold Coins :
1) Open game menu, Items > Shop > scroll to the bottom - "Get gold coins via app." >More
You will have a list of Apps to download and launch to get the free Gold Coins.

You can also find the get "gold coins via app" under the Summon tab.

2) Another of their game app - "Montopia" is giving out free 300 Gold Coins. To get it,

  • Download and complete the tutorial in Montopia and get the conversion code. 
  • Go back to Ayakashi Ghost Guild App, click the link "Enter Montopia's conversion code here:"
  • Paste the code from Montopia and bling ! You have a 300 Gold Coins =) you can either buy more Spirit water for the event or test your luck with the "Rare Summon".

*Note some of them are chargeable, be careful when you click. If you downloaded all the free app, it should translate to 144 Gold Coins.

PS : There's a beginner pack value at 800 Gold Coins but it's only 50 Gold Coins now.


  1. i dont seem to see the get coins via app

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Its only available on the android version I guess...
      *I have both IOS and Android version and it doesnt appear in the apple version

  2. a few days ago that montopia code thing is still avaible but i don't don't know what that was..i clicked that link and it asked me a code.. but i just left it because i didn't know that that could reward me 300 goolllld....DX i'm late that offer is not avaible anymore..since i also read the news and there left the montopia's notification and when i read the bottom it says the event only avaible until 25/12..sigh, too late..

  3. Hi ddf, I read from somewhere that the free gold coins app vary according to which country you're in.

    Oh or do you mean you can't find the button to click. Let me add it in. Its under the Summon tab in your game.

  4. Nadiya, =\ there goes the free 300 gold coins. Probably wait for them to do such offer again in future haha. Keep a lookout for their game or promo banners on the home page.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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